The Gallery offers visitors an opportunity to view and appreciate an outstanding collection of original Canadian and International art.

Permanent collection always on exhibition, with periodic changes. Rotating exhibitions by established/emerging artists are also featured.

Shurniak Art Gallery and Fresh Start
will be temporarily closed beginning Monday, August 10th, 2020 due to the passing of its Founder and Chairman,
Bill (William) Shurniak.

July 28 to October 14, 2020
"Second Chance" by Mossbank artist Paula Jolly
Paula Jolly
Paula Jolly

"In this exhibition, I am showcasing pieces that have been repurposed from clothing, that is cut, layered, stitched, and painted. Many of the pieces have been created for repurposed frames. These works are a culmination of all my artistic influences, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed creating them."

March 3 to August 28, 2020
My People, My Province, My Strength by Sandy Christensen
3 Boys and a Pig - Sandra Christenson“My hands love the malleable properties of clay. With clay, I find the confidence to express what I see and love in rural Saskatchewan. Clay allows me to shape my observations of farmers and town people, the folks with whom I have lived all my life.

Rural people communicate and laugh easily with one another. They are both humble and proud. They understand and accept the realities of life, but always remember to dream. They live with affection for those around them.

I hope you enjoy seeing my neighbors as I see them.”