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August 1 to September 30
Val Moker and Dale Lowe - Spectrum: Color and Texture
Val MokerVal Moker grew up on a farm and sought every occasion after the work was done, to take solitary walks and seize the ravishing beauty of nature. Weekly trips to the city would allow her a break away from the toils of the country, granting her the privilege of observing people in a variety of settings, and imagining the different backgrounds and cultures that brought these common folk to today’s place. This longing to explore humanity continues to stimulate her creative palette.

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Having started working on Intarsia a few years ago, I concentrated on both the technical aspects of finely fitted pieces with very tight tolerances and choosing wood with colors that would compliment the entire piece. I am continually amazed by the magic of the grain patterns in the wood as the pieces are shaped and finished. After discovering some birch burls in our boreal forest I knew immediately that I needed to try woodturning. What stated as an adventure has evolved into a passion and the wood never fails to amaze me. As each piece takes its shape and allows its grain to be revealed we see the gift.

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